Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of email marketing

Working remotely, I help DIY entrepreneurs like you, across the globe,  create email marketing systems that reach more people, grow your list and your bank account.


Have you set up your MailChimp/Active Campaign/Convert Kit account … but never actually done anything with it?

Do you know you should be doing something with the emails on your list, but have no idea what or where you would even begin?

Have you found yourself in the backend of Active Campaign mutteringthis really can’t be that hard’ and ‘I should be able to figure this out’ …

If you found yourself nodding along to what you’ve just read, you probably need to hear this:

Just because you consider yourself a DIY entrepreneur, doesn’t mean you actually have to do everything yourself.


If you are like other business owners I’ve helped, I’d bet my last bottle of single malt whisky that your energy would be way better spent on other things in your business (probably the things you actually like doing).

Rather than going down another endless internet rabbit-hole of how-to YouTube videos and yet another MailChimp help doc and really unhelpful ‘step-by-step video’… (wondering why you still can’t seem to connect all these automation dots?!)

I’m here to help you stop you spinning your wheels endlessly and the overwhelm that comes with the curse of the DIYer’s ‘Google University’ …



Create a bespoke email marketing system that will grow your list.

 Reach more people.

▶ Grow your business.

(and actually understand how to set it up and work it for yourself!)

Traditional marketing funnels are dead.

And this is good news for you - and for your customers.

The digital society is smart and more savvy than ever; you’ve got about 7 seconds (usually on a mobile device) before they decide whether your service or offer can help them.

But the old tactics of one-way linear funnels are no longer effective when wooing your potential, now very savvy, customer. They’re well versed in all the lingo: ‘tripwires’, ‘throat-grabbers’, ‘magnets’ – and they are well aware when they are being squeezed through a pre-planned funnel; they can smell the manipulation.

So, what’s the solution?

At the root of successful sales funnels (particularly SLO 'Self Liquidating Offer' ones), is a well-crafted supporting email strategy that does not rely on out-dated and pushy tactics - and what about when people complete such funnels?

Well executed and strategic email marketing is all about customer engagement through a positive customer journey.

And yes, the term ‘engagement’ does get thrown around a lot.

Even overused sometimes.

But cultivating a true connection, showing that you are a human who wants to help solve their problem - is vital.

It’s about creating a customer experience that doesn’t feel contrived. Or manipulative for the sake of a sale.

I will show you how to create an intuitive set of email systems and automations to genuinely connect with your customers and delight them every step of the way. I will teach you how to let your customers know there is a real person behind the computer.

So that your emails feel personalised and real. Meaning your customers will feel listened to.

Not manipulated.

Neil designs amazingly effective email processes that connect me with my customers in a more meaningful way.

Owner, Style it with Rach, Glasgow




If you know that email marketing is important for your business but …

✔️ you have no idea what you would even write/say/send to your email list

✔️ you don’t know how to reach more people outside your local area

✔️ the inside of MailChimp/Active Campaign/MailerLite makes you feel like you are trying to decipher a foreign city’s subway map … in a foreign language

✔️ you’ve actually tried setting up automations - but they don’t work how you want them to

✔️ you really have better things you could be focusing your energy on in your business (like the stuff you actually like to do!)


Let’s create an email marketing system that makes sense for your business… and get you back to what you actually like doing.


Neil Gowans

I’m Neil Gowans and I’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting the science of customer engagement and email marketing by working with companies like Qantas, Etihad Airways, Easy Jet, Rockwell Collins and more.

I’ve taken the process-orientated strategies used by these big-budget brands and redesigned them into a customer engagement and connection system that any company, with any size budget and email list, can use.

Using my OBVI-US Eco-System developed for small businesses, I’ll teach you the strategies of an $80K email marketing and automation system - for a fraction of the cost.

Twenty years doing this has taught me that no matter the size of your company, developing real and ongoing relationships with customers is at the heart of every sustainable business.

Now - more than ever - with more and more people turning to online solutions, this is the time to connect to you audience through a meaningful email strategy - meaning that your list becomes a business asset that is YOURS.

Whether you are a coach, a consultant, a solo-preneur or own a brick and mortar store... when we work together,

I’ll show you exactly how to create winning strategies - so that it's OBVI-US.

And in a way that makes sense for your business.

(and without the $80K price tag!)

Insights for business growth

Find out what trends are working in email automation marketing  - and which ones aren't! 

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Just some of the amazing people I've worked with...



“But I’m just a solopreneur. I only have 50 people on my email list. I don’t think I really need a whole email marketing system … isn’t that just for big businesses with huge lists?”

No, it’s not.

And here’s why: When it comes to email lists … size doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how big - or small - your email list is.

Or even if it’s only one person (thanks mum!).

The goal is to make every single person on your list feel like they are actually … well, the only person on your list!

There is no better time that NOW to start speaking to all the people on your list.  (even if there is only one!)

Your email list is FUNDAMENTAL to your business and growing through a connected audience.

Imagine if you’ve been on someone’s email list for months and never received a single email from them. Then one day, 8 months later you get a welcome email. And a bunch more emails. Uhhhhh…. You’d probably be wondering, why now? Or worse yet, I don’t even remember what or who this is. You probably couldn’t hit the unsubscribe button fast enough.

So, waiting until your list hits some sort of magic-good-enough-to-be-worthy-of-regular-emails size will not be the time to start connecting with your clients (or prospective clients).

Because you’ll already have lost them.

The goal is to set up an email process that helps and informs customers, from the first subscriber. Making each of them feel like they are the only one on your list. You connect with your prospects from day one, meaning you can help them from day one. More people helped = the more your business grows.

And - doing this all in a way that is easy for you as a busy entrepreneur, who doesn't have time to be deciphering all the technical babble in your email system. I’ll show you how!

Neil is a wizard at ActiveCampaign and a joy to work with. He's fast, professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I wish that everyone I worked with brought as much to the table as Neil.

CEO, Hazard Hub, San Diego, CA

Even after just 1 meeting, Neil’s email automation advice immediately saved me time, headaches and money - and made me enthusiastic to learn more!

Owner, Rizwana Anwar Fitness, Glasgow

Learn only what you need to help your business. (and leave the rest)

As a business owner that wears many hats myself - I know how much time and money I’ve wasted trying to figure out something that just wasn’t in my zone of genius.

And I expect you, as a DIY entrepreneur, you are happy to learn something new that will help your business grow. But, you want a return on your time, right?

You can spend 638 hours reading all the blogs and watching all the how-to videos, but how do you know if what you have found is right for your business?

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina was able to set up a custom email marketing system that completely transformed her brick and mortar salon and training centre, into an online business (The Lash & Beauty Academy).

When Sabrina came to me, she had an email list of a few thousand people, and had only ever sent the odd email to her clients.

“This new life and way running my business has changed my life! Neil has opened up so many other opportunities for my business that I did not realise was possible for me. I thought only big companies could do this sort of thing. When things go back to ‘normal’ I am not opening another salon. Now I know I can reach people without a physical address, which has completely changed how I do my business. I never want to go back to the old way I was working.”


I came to Neil drowning in email automation if/when's/whatevers. My head was spinning with all the options and I did my best trying to do it myself and it didn't work. He came back a few days later with a beautiful matrix. He was patient and took me through the whole thing explaining the flow to me. It worked. He's a genius when it comes to putting your business on automation and thinking of all the details of your customer's journey. I trust Neil with my email list, which means I trust him with my business success.


Owner, Inner Edit, Portland, Oregon

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