Surveys that get to the of your customers.

I can help you keep your clients for longer, increase their Lifetime Client Value and give them a better experience throughout the whole customer lifecycle.


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I’m Neil Gowans.


A highly experienced corporate customer process analyst, Email & CRM experience specialist and a certified Facebook Community Manager* – and know the power of well designed voice of the customer surveys and how they can help you keep more customers.


Good Customer Relation Management (CRM) strategy is vital for businesses of all sizes - and the best performing retention strategies are those that focus on customer experience and journey excellence. How do you provide that? Through surveys, that's how! The insights they can give are priceless.



If you had a Director of Customer Happiness, then this is what they would do - surveys!

Customer surveys are the best way to include your customers in your business - and be part of an ongoing relationship. The voice of the customer should never be ignored - and with modern survey platforms, it is possible to capture a huge range of data, including intent and overall satisfaction scores.

Then there is sentiment analysis - what do they mean when customers answer open ended questions? That's covered too.



What are your customers thinking and what do they really want?



There is a direct relationship between prospect conversion, client retention and customer experience.

Voice of the Customer, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score) are all vital ingredients to your CRM strategy.

The best thing about customer surveys are the insights gained by analysing these responses. This produces all the Key Performance Indicators you need to stay ahead of your competitors whilst consistently delivering great customer experience.

You can even use QR codes to trigger forms - like COVID-19 tracking or asking for feedback.


QR COVID example

Scan the code above and be taken to sample COVID-19 track/trace type form - conversational style

QR - standard form

This QR code will take you to a sample standard from (sometimes called long form, even if they're short!).

QR - conversational brand

This QR activates a brand perception survey, exploring what customers think and driving key statistics from the results.


Good customer experience boosts customer retention - here's what you need to know

Here's the different types of customer 'scoring' techniques that can be used and why they are so important – read on...

Neil is a wizard and a joy to work with. He's fast, professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I wish that everyone I worked with brought as much to the table as Neil.


CEO, Hazard Hub, San Diego, CA


But it's not just for customers! 

The same great techniques apply to employee satisfaction too - positive employee culture is hugely important and the best way to have a meaningful and consistent culture is to have regular 'pulse' surveys.

Surveys can also be used as highly effective lead magnets - giving different offers/magnets depending on which answers they provide - as I mentioned earlier, surveys really do cover the whole customer lifecycle!

Here's how it works

All surveys include; 


  • You tell me what the purpose of your survey is - what you want to know
  • I design the survey
  • You approve it
  • I build it
  • I give you the survey code for your website (or I host the survey for you)
  • We launch it
  • I monitor the completion rates, making sure response numbers are on target
  • When the survey concludes, I compile your report
  • Your report will have all data for all questions, with my summary 
  • Your report will include analysis of sentiment, intent and key drivers
  • Your report will also include analysis of NPS, CSAT, CES ratings
  • And will have my recommendations on how best to implement what the results show
  • We then wrap those recommendation into your updated CRM strategy and we make your graphs go up!

One survey with up to 25 questions 


One survey with between 26 & 50 questions 


One survey with between 26 & 50 questions 


One survey with up to 25 questions 




💌 An Email PR marketing expert

🔍 A corporate process & business analyst with over 20 years experience

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🔧 Take the tech out of the tasks - maybe you don't like the tech or don't have time for it

👂 Community development & strategy

🔀 Business & CRM best practice advice

📃 GDPR (and all the other) compliance built-in

💲 Options to suit your current budget

📈 CRM graphs that go up (KPIs)

🟦 Certified by Facebook 👍

 results that you will love


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Sound like what you need?
Not sure what to do next?

Let's chat about what you want to know and how long we have to find it out; I’m confident you won't regret it.

Book a non-sales chat here...

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