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Whatever you do,
it's VITAL you have an email list!




Here's why...

1. Because email is still the most efficient and productive way to engage with your community.

2. Your email list is YOURS. It can't be taken away from you. Social media algorithm changes will not affect your list. Social media is also very noisy - your message has to compete with all that noise (or pay for it to be heard!) - but with email it is a 1 to 1 relationship; no noise - just you.  Email is now an important part of social media strategy - so whilst you are maintaining your presence on YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Patreon as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and all the others you might use), eventually your people want to have the personal touch, feel more connected with you. And that's where email comes in - because it's 1:1. 

3. We all get spam all the time, and we will dispense with such nonsense by unsubbing or blocking. However, think about how you feel when you get an email from a particular someone, or about your favourite topic - you're excited and can't wait to have a read.

That's engagement and it can be massively rewarding; email is absolutely the best way to promote new material and merchandise - it is the highest converting platform there is - as long as you have an engaged community, as this table shows;


Email Marketing 81% 80%
Organic search 62% 36%
Paid search 59% 43%
Social media 51% 44%
Retargeting 49% 37%
Affiliates 31% 21%
Referral marketing 21% 18%
Mobile marketing 16% 8%
Marketplaces 15% 11%
Comparison shopping engines 8% 3%
Other 2% 5%

 Source: Gartner March 2020, Digital Tactics that drive engagement acquisition vs retention


Further, in 2020 the average return on investment for every $1 spent on email engagement yielded $46 - if, of course, it's done the right way.

4. With your email list, you get the data (unlike social media that only lets you see the data they want you to see!). You can see who your most responsive contacts are (and even where they are - useful demographic in its own right) - automations and tags and segments can be used to engage with these responsive folks - or remove them if they are not responsive. You get to see which emails are most successful and identify the sweet spot times when your community is most responsive.

5. Because you control your list, you can personalise the experience and focus on relevancy, using data you've received from their interaction (purchases, website visits, etc). 

6. It's not just about people getting your email content - it's about your community WANTING your content 👍

7. I know about this stuff - I'm a Facebook certified Community Manager 👇


“Not only is Neil lovely to work with but he is also incredibly knowledgeable in this field; he's a musician so he gets me and my community - I fully trust him and his guidance and I am absolutely blown away by what he has achieved for me in such a short space of time. He doubled my email engagement within a month. Neil is the most organised person I have ever worked with; he's forward thinking and ahead of the game and I look forward to working with him more throughout the coming months and further into the future.”


Musician / Producer

But all this stuff takes time to learn - and takes you away from your music-making and career - you either don't want to make time for this or you simply don't have time for this - so DIY is unlikely to work well for you.

So go and be your brilliant self and let me bring best-practice, creative, value-driven, legally compliant, community-first email strategies for more engaged traffic to your website and/or social channels

Doesn't matter your niche - classical, EDM, house, progressive, pop, etc, etc, etc - each one has a community that will support you if you involve them as part of a relevant, community-first strategy.

Work with someone who gets you and your audience - work with someone who also gets music and what it means. I am musician - and as passionate about it as you are.

PLUS - you'll get tools I've developed that are not available anywhere else - all designed to help you manage sustained traffic growth to your website or social channels through EmailPR.


But what is EmailPR and why do I need it?

EmailPR is a system to increase community engagement through direct emails that provide great value and amazing experience. It is a measurable strategy that uses on-brand trending, relevant content that drives awareness and traffic to your website and/or social channels, boosts organic rankings through website visits and it gets people sharing your promotional content. 

Build & Engage Tactics

If you want to know the most important things that work best to build and engage your email community, you need my Build & Engage Tactics download... 


It takes a lot of time to develop email platform knowledge, best practice know-how (which changes all the time), how to apply business experience, legal compliance, knowing how to read KPIs, knowing how to engage with communities, knowing how to grow communities (oh, on this point I've just been made a 'Padmin' - an invitation-only title from Facebook!)

  • Set it up right with best practice built in
  • Stay within the regulations GDPR
  • Strategy development for community-first engagement that fully incorporates your priorities
  • Inbound-driven content and value integral to strategy - useful marketing
  • Maximise deliverability and opens - make those graphs go up! 📈
  • Consistent brand voice
  • Integrate all digital activities (eg social media, website, email) into one EmailPR strategy using latest thinking
  • Enhance experience at community and individual level
  • Email design for mobile (where most emails are read)
  • Keep your list clean

If you are re-starting your career, or are re-starting an old and cold list or maybe want to kick-start better engagement with your community - you've come to the right place.

As a creator, you want to appeal to your audience, connect with them and keep them engaged - it doesn't need to be a huge community; just a loyal one - and an integrated strategy that combines Social Media (one to many) and email (#EmailPR - Email Private Relationship - one to one) will create exactly that.

And if you don't have a strategy, that's fine, I've got you covered - we'll build your state-of-the-art community-first email strategy together.

The typical results of OBVI-US EmailPR are; 









Let’s create your best-practice and on-trend email systems and strategies that makes sense for your community…
and give you back time to do what you want to be doing



All work is bespoke and individual to your delivering your specific objectives


Review & Report


This is a fixed fee service where I review your current setup and assess how it's performing in terms of the most important factors of engagement and conversion, eg contact journey, experience and lifecycle and in the EmailPR context of the data and content you generate.

You will receive a report stating the current position and my recommended next steps to improve KPIs, customer experience and community value.


Review, Report & Set it all up

With this service you get the report following my assessment, with the next steps that are required to improve the current results.

I will then implement and setup the recommendations for you - this could be anything and everything between branding your emails to automations design and build to training you in using your email software, guided by the principals of EmailPR.

Surveys and trending content can be provided - these are optional extras at additional cost.


The Full EmailPR package 

This is the full service and is best for those who desire an ongoing community strategy using trending content. I provide everything mentioned previously plus, trending content with monthly monitoring of campaigns with engagement reports, automations and tagging to boost relevancy - and of course engagement. Surveys are also included to generate specific contact data.

Changes to strategy, or emerging best practice / trends can be quickly adopted and email content can be planned reactively.

Neil is a wizard at ActiveCampaign and a joy to work with. He's fast, professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable - he has 100% success not only in delivery rate but on automated engagement growth too. I wish that everyone I worked with brought as much to the table as Neil.


CEO, Hazard Hub, San Diego, CA

Neil has opened up so many  opportunities for my business that I did not realise was possible for me. I thought only big companies could do this sort of thing with emails - but Neil doubled all my opens and reads with his brilliant approach. When things go back to ‘normal’ I am not opening another salon. I never want to go back to the old way I was working.


Owner, The Lash & Beauty Academy, UK



💌 You know CRM is vital to customer retention and overall community strategy

🔧 Take the tech out of the tasks - maybe you don't like the tech or don't have time for it

👉 Brand it your way for your audience

👏 Develop engaged online communities that love hearing from you and want more

👂 Listen and adapt to the voice of your community

❓ Surveys to boost relevancy

🤼 We work together to deliver your desired outcomes

🔀 Business processes design

✔ Engagement strategy focused on relevancy

👌 Give your community slick & quick experiences

⚙ Unique & proprietary tools to help you get desired results quickly

📃 GDPR (and all the other) compliance built-in

💲 Options to suit your current budget

📈 Make graphs that go up (KPIs)

🟦 Certified by Facebook 👍

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Scottish dad; loves his family and single malt whisky 🥃

🎹 I'm a musician

 You'll love the results we get

Sound like what you need?

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I came to Neil drowning in email automation if/when's/whatevers. My head was spinning with all the options and I did my best trying to do it myself and it didn't work. He came back a few days later with a beautiful matrix. He was patient and took me through the whole thing explaining the flow to me. It worked. He's a genius when it comes to putting your business on automation and thinking of all the details of your customer's journey. I trust Neil with my email list, which means I trust him with my business success.


Owner, Ponder and Spoon, Portland, Oregon

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