Top Three Trends for Email Marketing in 2021

email marketing Feb 01, 2021

Now that we are a whole month into 2021 (definitely the longest month ever!), I thought I'd share what I am seeing along with my clients about what is working best for them - condensed into a handy top three summary.

Trend #1 - Know where your customers are in their journey

I think this has always been obvious but it is becoming even more important now as audiences get more and more sophisticated, expecting a relevant engagement. So what this means is that if someone has just signed up on your list, there is little point hitting them with an email sequence for a £2,500 commitment. You will be disappointed and they will unsubscribe. Similarly, if someone is in evaluation mode, or want to buy mode, then sending them an email about local weather ain't going to work either. 

Work out your customer journey - in phases. Then apply tags to them as they move along your process (expect drop off - it happens). But the ones that are still with you after several tags are the ones that will buy.

Keep it value lead and keep the experience meaningful, relevant and one that they would miss if it was gone.


Trend #2 - Interactivity

Use video where you can! Link to them in your emails. There are lots of great emerging platforms (editmate and warmwelcome to name but two) that engage using video. You know how we all say 'great to put a face to the name!'? - well this is that plus hearing you, seeing your body language, feeling your enthusiasm, and getting an initial (and ideally) ongoing sense that you're someone they want to deal with. 

When creating your video, be yourself. Don't be a copy of someone else. Remember people buy from people. Your people will buy from you - you don't need to be someone else to get the sale. If you are to serve authentically and successfully, you need to be you. 


Trend #3 - Connection

Less is more. There will be less tolerance for constant sales pitches - because your people would rather feel connected with you. They feel proud to part of your clan - they enjoy it. You give them something they would miss if it was gone. You help them deliver a change they seek. 

Hit them with constant 'on offer now' three or four times a day, you will likely not get their business and worse could mark their unsubscribe as spam. Remember that the email providers are watching out for such things, so not clever to draw their attention.

Ultimately, as I said above - people want to like the people they buy from; they certainly want to trust them. 

So make a promise and deliver. Trust built a little

Make another promise and deliver again. Trust built a little more.

Remember that when people buy things they want to feel great about taking that decision and enjoying the product/service (or the results of it) that you deliver.

So we are going to see big brands and little ones seeking a connection - either through interaction or relevancy. 

Which neatly summarises why the top three trends for 2021 are inter-related!

Use tags to create segments so that you can talk to people directly about THEM. Don't hit them with endless offers - connect with them; think about out as a bit like dating. But, just like dating, if you are too overt about what you want at the end of it, they will be wise to it and disappear off your list never to return. 

By using these top three trends in how you engage with your email marketing list, you will position yourself in a way that develops relationships - and sales.

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