The Day Jenna Kutcher asked me to look at her Asses - or did she?

email marketing Nov 23, 2020

Quite rightly, dear reader, we are encouraged to have effective headers for our emails. I always tell my clients that the headers are the initial eye-catcher. Hence why using icons help your emails jump out of an overloaded inbox. 

Similarly too for pre-headers. These things are the bit you see under the header text - it is either a preview of the first words in your email, or something that supports the eye-catching header, further encouraging folks to open your email.

So they are important in the whole engagement - and the interaction (signals - as discussed in this blog post earlier) because they all help to get your email opened and read.

Imagine however, if you don't preview it yourself... How will it look if received in gmail? Or hotmail? Or Or, in my case, the Outlook app?

Let me present exhibit A - a snippet view of my inbox earlier today;

Now we all know that Jenna Kutcher is a leader in her field and deservedly so - and we also know this is not what she intended; but it is mighty funny!

This is what it should actually look like (I changed the preview panel width from the default width);

Ah - that's more like what I might expect from Jenna!

So, the morale of this tale is thus - test send, test send and then test send again.

(If Jenna ever reads this - thanks for the laugh!)

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