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I’m Neil Gowans.


A highly experienced corporate customer process analyst, CRM experience specialist and a certified Facebook Community Manager* – and know how to make your Facebook group best support your strategic brand/service objectives.



If you struggle with managing your Facebook group, it might be time for you to get a community manager – and what better than a Facebook certified one!

There are 2.89 billion active users on Facebook (as of September 2021), but there are only 1500 Certified Facebook Community Managers and I’m one of them.

I can help you to -

  • Increase your reach and engagement
  • Increase the value of your group
  • Define KPIs, purpose and strategy for your group
  • Moderate your group using the FB range of tools
  • Personify your brand values in the group
  • Convert prospects who are in evaluation mode
  • Grow your group
  • Determine best ways to use ads for growth


Define and establish a community

  • Make determinations required to develop community goals, objectives, mission, purpose, values, and KPIs
  • Apply concepts required to create and assess community guiding principles

Develop community strategies and processes

  • Make determinations required to cultivate and evolve a platform strategy
  • Determine an audience strategy
  • Analyse a branding strategy
  • Apply concepts required for operational workflows
  • Determine a team structure and management strategy
  • Determine a launch strategy
  • Apply concepts required to identify and leverage strategic partnerships

Make strategic content decisions

  • Make determinations required to create and curate relevant content using a variety of tactics for specific target audiences within a community
  • Identify trends/issues that can provide valuable insights to the community
  • Make determinations required to implement goal-driven activities

Engage and moderate the community

  • Apply concepts required to onboard community members
  • Apply concepts required to maintain community operations
  • Apply concepts required to foster member-to-member connections
  • Make determinations required to address and resolve crises and conflicts
  • Make determinations required to implement engagement tactics based on audience segmentation
  • Adhere to community standards and terms of service

Measure and analyse community success

  • Analyse content and engagement performance
  • Examine data to conduct quantitative and qualitative reporting
  • Deliver reports and recommendations
  • Make determinations required to establish a feedback collection, learning, and implementation process
  • Make determinations required to establish a sustainability model, including opportunities for revenue generation when applicable

Neil is a wizard and a joy to work with. He's fast, professional, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I wish that everyone I worked with brought as much to the table as Neil.


CEO, Hazard Hub, San Diego, CA

Some things to remember...

First line of Support

More and more Facebook groups are being used as a first line of support which is great as it takes pressure off any help desk type conversations. Very often someone has hit a hurdle ('help! - how do I do this in version5.6?!') - and the community can answer. This support is credible and independent, thus creating a great reputation for your group as being a valuable resource and one worth being a member of.


Assessment Mode

Also think of your funnel - as prospective clients get closer to making a decision, they often focus their activities around a final three (or so) buying options. This is when they go to YouTube and find out about any reviews or in-depth reports. They will also join Facebook groups - they can ask their burning questions; the ones that will give them the information they need. This is where the user community in your group can help them move closer to a buying decision - so for that reason you must have a well moderated and value-driven community that is constantly managed - and the best of achieving that is by using a certified Facebook Community Manager.



💌 An Email PR marketing expert

🔍 A corporate process & business analyst with over 20 years experience

🆘 Unswerving support to meet your objectives

💃A reliable and committed member of your team, thriving on your success

🏁 A plan and how to follow it

👉 Brand it your way for your audience

🔧 Take the tech out of the tasks - maybe you don't like the tech or don't have time for it

👂 Community development & strategy

🔀 Business & CRM best practice advice

📃 GDPR (and all the other) compliance built-in

💲 Options to suit your current budget

📈 CRM graphs that go up (KPIs)

 results that you will love


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Sound like what you need?
Not sure what to do next?

Let's chat about what you want to know and how long we have to find it out; I’m confident you won't regret it.

Book a non-sales chat here...

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